Kiznaiver Manga

  • Name: Kiznaiver
  • Year of Release: 2016
  • Status: -
  • Genre:  Action|
  • Plot:  The comic version of the original animation, "KIZNAIVER," written by Mari Okada, who wrote many popular series such as "ANOHANA: THE FLOWER WE SAW THAT DAY" and produced by TRIGGER, who garnered attention with "KILL LA KILL." Agata Katsuhira, a high school student who doesn't feel pain, one day is picked to be a member of a group that shares pain, KIZNAIVER. What do the gathered students all have in common? A story about bonds created through wounds. A story about youth that breaks all of the rules, of boys and girls sharing their "pain" starts now!

Kiznaiver's Chapters